Ring Twister for Cotton yarn and Man-Made Fiber Industrial Yarn
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Twist Master

Heavy Duty Ring Twisters

Minarva Machinery Manufacturer. Pvt. Ltd.

"M.K." having specialized in manufacturing spindle, A new Company was formed during 1983 by the name of 'Minarva Machinery Manufacturing. Pvt. Ltd..', as part of development and expansion plans.

Minarva's R & D effort resulted in highly successful design of our ring twisting machine which became instantly popular with cotton fibre , man made fiber and cotton yarn man made yarn Industries.

Minarva Thread

In 1988 our experience in Twisting Technology led us To set up Man Made Fiber Industries.

Diversification in the Cotton and Synthetic Thread Division was conceived in 1988 and "Minarva Thread" came in to existence. We now produce Two hundred tonnes per year of Cotton and Synthetic Minarva Thread, reaching various end users in packaging, processing and other various Industries.